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Ed Smaldone (Music) tests Bahian drums As part of the premier public university in the most diverse county in America and affirming our commitment to global education, Queens College offers cultural and academic programming focusing on a different nation each year.

For academic 2013-2014, we will concentrate on Brazil, a vibrant, diverse country with a complex history and globally significant economy.Year of Brazil will encompass a wide range of events, from student-sponsored activities on culture, sports, and daily life, to exhibitions, film screenings, and performances. Content-rich presentations will explore Brazil—its society and politics, arts and culture, math and science, religions and economics—including its influence in the South American region and the world, as well as its diaspora in the United States. The year will also feature student and faculty exchanges, newly developed credit-bearing academic offerings, and programs of distinction by members of the Brazilian community who are making world-class contributions. To advance established collaborations and partnerships, Queens College faculty will lead two study tours to Brazil—one for Queens College students and the other for faculty and staff.

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Year of Brazil will highlight one of the world's most dynamic nationsFYI, Queens College Faculty/Staff News, September 2013


For Questions on Year of Brazil programs, please contact Marleen Kassel at marleen.kassel@qc.cuny.edu.


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