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About Our Logo

The branding of Brazil has been a national effort recently, whether through government marketing or in designing logos for the upcoming World Cup and Olympics events. Our logo is inspired by theirs: to capture the colors and the vibrancy of Brazil, representing its dynamism and joy, without evoking problematic “exoticism”. We thought the simplest answer was the best: the arara (macaw),  a tropical bird native to Brazil, exemplifies a sense of movement, freedom, while its natural beauty and colors, reflect those of the Brazilian flag. We extended these lines and colors to the background, while also staying true to Brazilian identity by incorporating the “Brasil” native spelling in the text.

Concept Sketches

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About the Artist

Alves Filho is a Brazilian artist based in the city of Salvador, Bahia. For more information, http://www.alvesfilho.com or contact him at contact@alvesfilho.com.


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