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Program Planning Committee

Abdurrahman Atcil, Classics, Middle East, Asian Languages
Jorge Alves, Political Science
John Andrejack, Student Affairs
Alessandro Angelini, Anthropology
Eric Becker, Literature
Eton Brooks, Public Safety
John Cassidy, Communications
Vivian Charlop, Kupferberg Center
Amy Chazkel, History
Jane Cho, Aaron Copland School of Music
LaTeisha Clement, Biology
John Collins, Anthropology
Travis David, Biology
Eva Fernández, Linguistics & Communication Disorders, Center for Teaching & Learning, and Provost’s Office
Dedi Firestone, External and Government Relations
Helen Gaudette, Global Initiatives
Donna Gruber, English Language Institute
George Hendrey, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Deborah Huggins, Public Safety
Georgine Ingber, Communications
Jennifer Jarvis, Student Affairs
Leslie Jay, Communications
China Jude, Athletics
Marleen Kassel, Year of Country and Asian Initiative
Meryl R Kaynard, President’s Office
Judith Kimerling, Political Science
Judith S Krinitz, Student Affairs
Dyanne Maue, Communications
Maria Matteo, Communications
Sandra Mew, Provost’s Office
Stephanie Lilavois, Events
José Miguel Martínez-Torrejón, Hispanic Languages and Literatures
Tara Mathison, Art Center
Omar Montana, Sociology
Patrick O’Connell, International Students and Scholars Office
Adrian Patridge, Communications
John Pellitteri, Education and Community Programs
Alice Pisciotta, President’s Office
Ramona Perez, Latin American and Latino Studies program
Charles Repole, Drama, Theatre and Dance
Ricky Riccardi, Louis Armstrong House Museum
Merri Rosenberg, Writer
Jeffrey Rosenstock, External and Governmental Relations
Ninell Silberberg, Kupferberg Center
Camila Santos, Literature
Suzanna Simor, Art Library
Edward Smaldone, Aaron Copland School of Music
Suzanne Solomon, School of Inquiry
Mohamed Tabrani, Education Abroad
Merlin Thompson, Athletics
Nathalis Wamba, Education and Community Programs
Edisa Weeks, Dance
Steve Whalen, Communications
Amy Winter, Godwin Ternbach Museum

Senior Administration

Elizabeth Hendrey, Acting Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs
James L. Muyskens, President during Fall 2013
Evangelos Gizis, Interim President during Spring 2014


For Questions on Year of Brazil programs, please contact Marleen Kassel at marleen.kassel@qc.cuny.edu.

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