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The Flip Side of the Favela / O Lado B da Favela

September 16, 2013 @ 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm

Campbell Dome

A Film Exhibition

Come to a special US screening of Brazilian films about life in favelas.

Today’s screening: TV Morrinho Short Films (approximately 40min total)

O Saci no Morrinho (“The Saci in the Morrinho”), Nelcirlan Oliveira, Fabio Gavião, 2007, 4min

A Revolta dos Bonecos (“The Revolt of the Toys”), Renato Dias, 2007, 7min

Aventuras em Amsterdã (“Adventures in Amsterdam”), Chico Serra, Nelcirllan Oliveira, 2011, 5 min

TV Morrinho Doc, Chico Serra, 2013, 12 min

Barakanã, The Movie, Nelcirlan Oliveira, Raniere Dias, Chico Serra, Jaclyn Dubois, Youngwon L. Kim, 2012, 12min

Presented by TV Morrinho, QC Latin American and Latino Studies, and Year of Brazil

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