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Timeline for future “Years of”

President James Muyskens recently announced the topic/country and leadership teams for the next six years in the “Year of” Program in  an email to the Queens College community on Monday, November 18:

2015-2016 – Year of Silk Roads
Under the leadership team of Morris Rossabi (History), Carl Riskin (Economics), Kristina Richardson (History), and James Saslow (Art).

2016-2017 – Year of Korea
Under the leadership team of Pyong Gap Min (Sociology), Seogjoo Jang (Chemistry and Biochemistry), and Sung-Eun Choi (Family, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences).

2017-2018 – Year of Russia
Under the leadership team of Katherine Pickering Antonova (History), Elissa Bemporad (History), Julie George (Political Science), Thomas Bird (European Languages and Literatures), Svetlana Cheloukhina (European Languages and Literatures), Tom Ort (History), Bobby Wintermute (History), Julia Sneeringer (History), Samuel Heilman (Sociology), Katherine Profeta (Drama, Theatre & Dance), and Chuixiang Yi (Earth and Environmental Sciences).

2018-2019 – Year of Italy
Under the leadership team of Francesca Bregoli (History), Morena Corradi (European Languages and Literatures), Antonio Donato (Philosophy), and Eugenia Paulicelli (European Languages and Literatures).

2019-2020 – Year of Haiti
Under the leadership team of Régine Joseph (European Languages and Literatures), François Pierre-Louis (Political Science), and Christopher Winks (Comparative Literature).

2020-2021 – Year of Greece
Under the leadership team of Gerasimus Katsan (European Languages and Literatures), Christos Ioannides (Urban Studies), Elena Frangakis-Syrett (History), Warren Woodfin (Art History), Nikos Alexiou (Sociology), Joel Allen (History), Theodore Theoharis (History), Joel Lidov (Classical, Middle Eastern, and Asian Languages and Culture), and John M. O’Brien (History).

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